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Present at a Reunion of the 76th New York
This document, from the Cortland Democrat of October 24th, 1902, was found by Ed Rauss, from Homer, New York, and graciously provided to Jacques Beaulieu, who transcribed it.

The 1902 Reunion of the 76th N. Y. Volunteers

Re-union of the 76th Regiment.

The thirty-fourth annual reunion of the Seventy-sixth Regiment N. Y. S. Vols. which is known in history as "The Fighting 76th" was held at Grotor Saturday, Oct. 11.

The ranks of this famous old regiment, which opened the battle of Gettysburg, have been greatly thinned, in the years since the war. Less than forty met at this re-union, although some of the survivors were prevented from attending.

A business meeting of the regimental association was held in the forenoon and routine business transacted, and the following officers elected:

President - Dr. Geo. M. Post, Montour Falls, N.Y.

1st Vice-President - Hon. H. C. St. Pierre, Montreal, Canada.

2nd Vice-Preisdent - U. A. Burnham, Duluth, Minn.

3rd Vice-President - D. R. Montgommery, Dryden, N.Y.

4th Vice-President - Alfred Foland, Worcester, N.Y.

Secretary - Lucius Davis, Cortland, N.Y.

Treasurer - Martin Edgcomb, Cortland, N.Y.

Montour Falls was selected as the next place of meeting.

Following the morning session, a very delicious chicken-pie dinner was served by the ladies of Groton to the veterans and their wives.

A public meeting was held at the Opera House at 2 p. m. at which Amos Avery presided.

After the invocation by Rev. Burr of Groton, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Moe sang a military selection.

The address of welcome was delivered by Capt. Wm. E. Mount of Groton. This was followed by a song from the Groton quartet.

Judge H. C. St. Pierre of Montreal, Canada, responded to the address of welcome and delivered the principal address of the day. Judge St. Perre was a lad of eighteen at the time of the battle of Gettsyburg and became imbued with the martial spirit and ran away from his Canadian home and friends to enlist in the 76th under the assumed name of Louis henry. An account of his being taken prisoner and the escape will soon be given at length.

Rev. W. Smith of Groton, who delivered the address twenty-five years before at Groton made a short sperch.

The program closed with another song by the quartett, followed by remarks by Geo. B. Davis, Esq, of Ithaca. The benediction was pronounced by Rev. Mr. Andrews of Groton.

The members who were present at the re-union were: Orville Dickinson, Robert Davidson, Daniel Young, Almond M. Kibbe, Chas. W. Hutchings, George Thornton, Edwin Hulbert, B. Howard, Wm. J. Mantanye, U. A. Burnham, Geo. M. Post, Geo. Smith, E. H. Teeter, N. W. Smith, E. A. Meade, D. R. Montgomery, Amos Avery, Francis Brace, H. Zele, Martin Northrup, L. Bennett, C. M. Perrigo, Melvin H. Reade, Judge H. C. Saint Pierre, Benjamin Taylor, S. E. Sanders, Henry C. Stilson, Martin Edgcomb, Lucius Davis, D. C. MacGregor, Oren Button, Solomon Reneff, L. Stebbins.

Jacques Beaulieu
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